JOI Game

joi random video challenge

Hi there! Are you excited already? 🙂 Well, here’s the very simple JOI Challenge game you can play on our website. Read the short instructions before you play. Also, you may keep the score and post it to our sub-reddit account, also we would be happy to hear any feedback from you guys.

How to play:

  1. Get yourself ready & make sure nothing distracts you.
  2. Press the “Play The Game” button.
  3. You’ll be forwarded to the random JOI video.
  4. You must watch it fully and carefully follow the instructions in the video.
  5. Write down your score.
  6. Repeat once again!
  7. Do it during the weekly period (or you can setup custom time for you) and post your score to check the results (result table will be posted here soon).
  8. You will win once you hit 50 points and lose with -50 points.


  1. How to count the points:
    1. JOI Videos – Will Give you 1 Point.
    2. Jerk Off Encouragement – Will Give you -1 Point.
    3. Cum Countdown – Will Give you 3 Points.
    4. Feet JOI – Will Give you 3 Points.
    5. Dirty Talking – Will Give you -3 Points.
    6. CEI, Edging, Femdom – Will Give you 5 Points.
    7. Cuckold JOI – Will Give you -5 Points.
    8. Granny JOI – Will Give you -5 Points.
    9. Humiliation – Will Give you 6 Points.
    10. All other categories are also giving you 1 Point.
    11. After you cum it’s -3 Points.
    12. After you cum second time in a day it’s -5 Points.
  2. You’re not allowed to skip the video, unless:
    1. The video is less than 3 minutes.
    2. The video is removed.

Play The Game