Anal JOI can mean different things to different people. Some of the anal XXX videos here focus on women talking dirty to you while enjoying their full-on anal sex or ass play with toys, fingers, what have you. That’s one side of the coin and the other deals with “anal humiliation.” Let us explain!

Basically, some of the women here choose to humiliate you over your obsession with all the butt stuff. You are going to be the one sticking things in your ass because that’s what you’re into (obviously). There are many XXX clips in this category that cross MORE than a few lines while humiliating you and telling you just how gay you are.

Some of the Anal ASMR and JOI videos are way more encouraging. Yup, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all femdom-like. Some of the women are more than happy to help you out along the way. They want you to stuff your sissy hole full of hard cock and they want you to cum buckets while you do so. Naturally, most of these videos feature somewhat condescending dirty talking, but some of them are genuine and extremely supportive. Time to pick your poison!