You want to ask what is this “Ballbusting Instructions” category that you’re looking at right now? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like, if we are being 100% honest with you. You are going to be “talked into” self-ballbusting. Yeah, this goes far beyond usual CBT because it’s self-CBT, which makes it all the more humiliating. Don’t forget that you should never ever hold back when it comes to this sorta thing. These and other humiliation tasks MUST be performed to the best of your capabilities.

So, there will be lots of different ladies talking about smashing your balls and urging you to smash your own balls because you’re pathetic enough to actually go through with it. The mistresses you see here range from European to American, blonde to brunette, busty to flat-chested, barely legal to middle-aged, and so forth. There’s no shortage of brand-new clips from a variety of different sources because we do our best to keep up with the times. You see, there’s a daily updates system that helps us add new JOI and AMSR porn across each and every single XXX genre, including this one right here. Please have fun here. Don’t pussy out – DESTROY your balls.