Denial JOI deals with tease and denial. Some of the videos here are exceptionally cruel, as you will soon realize. Some of the stuff here goes way past this whole “Red Light Green Light” JOI subgenre. It’s not about edging and standing, it’s about ruining your ability to attain an orgasm. Sure, some of the edging instruction videos might go easy on you, but ruined JOI videos that you’re going to find here feature some of the most merciless mistresses out there. Basically, a pathetic, 100% ruined orgasm is all you can really hope for.

At the moment, denial JOI remains one of the most in-demand categories on our ASMR porn website. It’s not too hard to see why since most of the videos here provide you with an experience that’s unlike anything else. You are going to see (and hear!) cruel women urging you to stroke mindlessly before just stopping. This feeling, this loss of control is extremely addictive. Who knows, maybe they are going to let you cum for real if you’re lucky enough. Either way, it’s time for you to let a cruel dominatrix tell you how to jack it. You know what’s good for you!