Mind control JOI is one of the most popular and polarizing JOI/ASMR porno genres out there. Most people claim that it’s the hottest shit ever and some nay-sayers talk about not being able to suspend their disbelief. We are not going to argue about all them unimportant details, let’s just say that hypno JOI videos are awesome. Seriously, if a girl manages to put you in trance and control your thoughts via hypnotic suggestions… What else could you possibly want? There are some extremely taboo brainwash videos that we need you to look at ASAP!

With all of that being said, we need to warn you before you proceed. If you feel like you might be way too susceptible to mind control… Well, you best avoid these XXX videos because we managed to create a selection with crème de la crème mind control content. Here we only the most powerful hypnosis-style videos featuring only the most assertive and immoral hypnotists. It’s up to you to decide if you want to go down this path, but we must warn you once again – there’s NO going back. None at all. Do you really want some fetish to overtake your life for good?