7 Hottest Camgirls in the World [2020; Updated]

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We know that you ALL love lists and we have one for you today. The list here is going to focus on all the sexiest female webcam performers of 2020. As you all know, it’s been a VERY hard year, so why not let yourself enjoy a steamy experience with a legitimately gorgeous woman? You know what’s good for your soul!

Best XXX Webcam Models in 2020


Some people look down on camgirls that seem to have a “gimmick,” but we see nothing wrong with it. Playing up some of your traits is a great way to develop a larger-than-life personality, which, in turn, will make people more and more attracted to you. At the end of the day, it’s all about being confident, feeling sexy, and having lots and lots of fans.

The brown-haired beauty here LOVES dressing up as a princess and certainly acts like one. There’s no doubt in our mind that you are going to fall in love with this young, gorgeous, and 100% kinky camgirl. There really is something magnetic about her.


ariannaeden livejasmin best model
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Arianna can give any other camgirl a run for her money when it comes to the sheer kinkiness. This seemingly innocent seductress is one of the filthiest cam performers we have ever seen.

There was a REALLY nasty moment during one of her latest live cam performances. We’re not sure if she was broadcasting on Chaturbate, LiveJasmin or Naked In Private. Look, it doesn’t really matter – what matters is the fact that this woman has lots of different fetishes and she’s NOT afraid to explore them in front of the camera.

With her unruly hair and thin body, the sex cam model is definitely one of the most reliably seductive women out there. Also follow AriannaEden on Twitter!


Sophie’s body is divine and her face is extremely pretty, but the biggest selling point here is that she’s as filthy as they come. What’s also unique about this woman is the fact that there’s an entire army of rabid fans following her every step, tuning in to her every live sex cam performance. There are many different reasons behind this type of cult following. You WILL feel this sudden urge to show your devotion to Sophie as soon as you catch even a few minutes of her live show, no doubt about it.


Redheaded women are very much in vogue these days. Alicee is one of the most popular cam performers in the world these days and there are many different reasons for it. Sure, her hair color is amazing, but we don’t think that that alone is enough to keep the viewers engaged. What makes this woman unique is her amazing taste in lingerie and her flexibility.

The twenty-six-year-old loves doing splits for the camera, she loves showing off, she loves talking dirty. If you ever fantasized about getting it on with a lithe gymnast, JuicyAlicee is THE one you want to check out as soon as possible.


One of the least controversial picks here. Everyone, including fans and camgirl critics, agrees that Ann is one of the greatest performers in the world. Not only she’s pretty like no other, but she’s also nasty as fuck. Ann’s fans know that her sexual appetites are ravenous and positively unconventional.

For example, she seems to really enjoy filthy anal play with gape, toys, and roleplay, among other things. We also have to applaud her squirting prowess – the beauty is able to cum buckets in front of the live webcam and it’s nothing short of amazing every single time.


She’s athletic, big-breasted, and energetic. There’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy watching Cataleya perform even if she does not seem like your type right from the get-go. The raven-haired beauty with bangs loves banging her bald pussy for the camera, she loves talking dirty, and she puts the satisfaction of her viewers above all else. It’s hard to find another performer quite as selfless as Cataleya!


GuiltyCaprice livejasmin exclusive model
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Some say that Caprice is trashy, but she probably takes it as a compliment. The dark-haired girl is positively relentless and unapologetic when it comes to her sexuality. She has a thin body with a gorgeous pair of phenomenal boobies.

There are no limits, no boundaries when it comes to her sex shows. Want to have some profoundly fucked-up live cam sex? Caprice is your girl.